• esp-rs Matrix Channel: The perfect place to ask questions and discuss any topic related with Rust on Espressif chips.
  • Embedded Rust on Espressif - Training for Rust development on ESP32-C3 by Ferrous Systems.
  • Awesome ESP Rust - A curated list of resouces for development in the Rust programming language for Espressif chips.
  • esp-rs: Github organization with libraries, crates and examples for using Rust on Espressif SoC's.

Crates referenced in this book

  • cargo-binstall - Binary installation for rust projects
  • cargo-generate - Tool to help you get up and running quickly with a new Rust project by leveraging a pre-existing git repository as a template.
  • esp-hal - no_std HAL for Espressif microcontrollers.
  • esp-idf-hal - std HAL for Espressif microcontrollers.
  • esp-idf-template - A minimal esp-idf-hal application template to use with cargo-generate.
  • esp-template - A minimal esp-hal application template to use with cargo-generate.
  • espflash - Serial flasher utility for Espressif SoCs and modules based on esptool.
  • espup: About Tool for installing and maintaining the required toolchains for developing applications in Rust for Espressif SoC's.
  • ldproxy - Tool to forward linker arguments to the actual linker executable.
  • wokwi-server - WebSocket server for running simulations in Wokwi from Visual Studio Code Remote Containers using a web browser.