Wokwi is an online simulator that supports simulating Rust projects (both std and no_std) in ESP Chips, see wokwi.com/rust for a list of examples and a way to start new projects.

Wokwi offers WiFi simulation, Virtual Logic Analyzer, and GDB debugging among many other features, see Wokwi documentation for more details. For ESP chips, there is a table of simulation features that are currently supported.

Using wokwi-server

wokwi-server is a CLI tool for launching a Wokwi simulation of your project. I.e., it allows you to build a project on your machine, or in a container, and simulate the resulting binary.

wokwi-server also allows simulating your resulting binary on other Wokwi projects, with more hardware parts other than the chip itself. See the corresponding section of the wokwi-server Readme for detailed instructions.