Type Alias esp_idf_hal::spi::SpiConfig

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pub type SpiConfig = Config;

Aliased Type§

struct SpiConfig {
    pub baudrate: Hertz,
    pub data_mode: Mode,
    pub write_only: bool,
    pub duplex: Duplex,
    pub bit_order: BitOrder,
    pub cs_active_high: bool,
    pub input_delay_ns: i32,
    pub polling: bool,
    pub allow_pre_post_delays: bool,
    pub queue_size: usize,


§baudrate: Hertz§data_mode: Mode§write_only: bool

This property can be set to configure a SPI Device for being write only Thus the flag SPI_DEVICE_NO_DUMMY will be passed on initialization and it will unlock the possibility of using 80Mhz as the bus freq See https://docs.espressif.com/projects/esp-idf/en/latest/esp32/api-reference/peripherals/spi_master.html#timing-considerations

§duplex: Duplex§bit_order: BitOrder§cs_active_high: bool§input_delay_ns: i32§polling: bool§allow_pre_post_delays: bool§queue_size: usize