#[repr(C, packed)]
pub struct mesh_assoc_t {
Show 31 fields pub eid: u8, pub len: u8, pub oui: [u8; 3], pub type_: u8, pub _bitfield_align_1: [u8; 0], pub _bitfield_1: __BindgenBitfieldUnit<[u8; 1]>, pub mesh_type: u8, pub mesh_id: [u8; 6], pub layer_cap: u8, pub layer: u8, pub assoc_cap: u8, pub assoc: u8, pub leaf_cap: u8, pub leaf_assoc: u8, pub root_cap: u16, pub self_cap: u16, pub layer2_cap: u16, pub scan_ap_num: u16, pub rssi: i8, pub router_rssi: i8, pub flag: u8, pub rc_addr: [u8; 6], pub rc_rssi: i8, pub vote_addr: [u8; 6], pub vote_rssi: i8, pub vote_ttl: u8, pub votes: u16, pub my_votes: u16, pub reason: u8, pub child: [u8; 6], pub toDS: u8,
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@brief Mesh networking IE


eid: u8

< element ID

len: u8

< element length

oui: [u8; 3]

< organization identifier */ /**< mesh networking IE content

type_: u8_bitfield_align_1: [u8; 0]_bitfield_1: __BindgenBitfieldUnit<[u8; 1]>mesh_type: u8

< mesh device type

mesh_id: [u8; 6]

< mesh ID

layer_cap: u8

< max layer

layer: u8

< current layer

assoc_cap: u8

< max connections of mesh AP

assoc: u8

< current connections

leaf_cap: u8

< leaf capacity

leaf_assoc: u8

< the number of current connected leaf

root_cap: u16

< root capacity

self_cap: u16

< self capacity

layer2_cap: u16

< layer2 capacity

scan_ap_num: u16

< the number of scanning APs

rssi: i8

< RSSI of the parent

router_rssi: i8

< RSSI of the router

flag: u8

< flag of networking

rc_addr: [u8; 6]

< root address

rc_rssi: i8

< root RSSI

vote_addr: [u8; 6]

< voter address

vote_rssi: i8

< vote RSSI of the router

vote_ttl: u8

< vote ttl

votes: u16

< votes

my_votes: u16

< my votes

reason: u8

< reason

child: [u8; 6]

< child address

toDS: u8

< toDS state


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