Panic with an error-specific message if err is not ESP_OK.


@brief Opaque directory structure

A wrapped esp_err_t to check if an error occurred.

Type by which queues are referenced. For example, a call to xQueueCreate() returns an QueueHandle_t variable that can then be used as a parameter to xQueueSend(), xQueueReceive(), etc.

@brief IP address

@brief ADC arbiter work mode and priority setting.

@brief ADC digital controller settings

@brief ADC digital controller (DMA mode) filter configuration.

@brief ADC DMA driver configuration

@brief ADC digital controller (DMA mode) monitor configuration.

@brief ADC digital controller (DMA mode) output data format. Used to analyze the acquired ADC (DMA) data.

@brief ADC digital controller pattern configuration

@brief Directory entry structure

@brief Structure storing characteristics of an ADC

\brief AES context structure

\brief The AES XTS context-type definition.

@brief Description about application.

@brief The structure represents information about the chip

@brief Console command description

@brief Parameters for console initialization

@brief Parameters for console device: UART

@brief Parameters for console device: USB CDC

@brief Parameters for console REPL (Read Eval Print Loop)

@brief Console REPL base structure

@brief Type definition for an eFuse field

@brief Configuration of Ethernet driver

@brief Ethernet MAC

@brief Ethernet mediator

@brief Ethernet PHY

Configuration for creating event loops

@brief OS-level integration hooks for accessing flash chips inside a running OS

@brief Structure for describing a region of flash

@brief Structure to describe a SPI flash chip connected to the system.

@brief HTTP configuration

@brief HTTP Client events data

@brief Main header of binary image

@brief Header of binary image segment

@brief IPv4 address

@brief IPv6 address

@brief Mesh PS duties

MQTT client configuration structure

@brief MQTT error code structure to be passed as a contextual information into ERROR event

MQTT event configuration structure

@brief Generic esp_netif configuration

@brief DNS server info

@brief ESP-netif driver base handle

@brief Specific IO driver configuration

@brief ESP-netif inherent config parameters

@brief IPV6 IP address information

Event structure for IP_EVENT_STA_GOT_IP, IP_EVENT_ETH_GOT_IP events

@brief Type of esp_netif_object server

@brief station list info element

@brief station list structure

@brief ESPNOW peer information parameters.

@brief Number of ESPNOW peers which exist currently.

@brief partition information structure

@brief Type of “ping” callback functions

@brief Type of “ping” configuration

@brief Power management config for ESP32C3

pthread configuration structure that influences pthread creation

@brief Timer configuration passed to esp_timer_create

@brief ESP-TLS Connection Handle

@brief ESP-TLS configuration parameters

@brief Error structure containing relevant errors in case tls error occurred

@brief Eventfd vfs initialization settings

@brief Configuration arguments for esp_vfs_fat_sdmmc_mount and esp_vfs_fat_spiflash_mount functions

@brief VFS semaphore type for select()

@brief Configuration structure for esp_vfs_spiffs_register

@brief VFS definition structure

@brief Websocket client setup configuration

@brief Websocket event data

Configuration for the ESSL SDIO device

@brief Configuration of Ethernet MAC object

@brief Ethernet PHY configuration

Structure of pointers to disk IO driver functions.

@brief Configuration parameters of GPIO pad for gpio_config function

@brief HTTP Server Configuration Structure

@brief HTTP Request Data Structure

@brief Structure for URI handler

@brief I2C initialization parameters

@brief I2S driver configuration parameters

@brief Event structure used in I2S event queue

@brief I2S PCM configuration

@brief I2S PDM up-sample rate configuration @note TX PDM can only be set to the following two upsampling rate configurations: 1: fp = 960, fs = sample_rate / 100, in this case, Fpdm = 12848000 2: fp = 960, fs = 480, in this case, Fpdm = 128Fpcm = 128sample_rate If the pdm receiver do not care the pdm serial clock, it’s recommended set Fpdm = 12848000. Otherwise, the second configuration should be applied.

@brief I2S pin number for i2s_set_pin

This is the aligned version of ip4_addr_t, used as local variable, on the stack, etc.

This is the aligned version of ip6_addr_t, used as local variable, on the stack, etc.

@ingroup ipaddr A union struct for both IP version’s addresses. ATTENTION: watch out for its size when adding IPv6 address scope!

Event structure for ADD_IP6 event

Event structure for IP_EVENT_AP_STAIPASSIGNED event

Event structure for IP_EVENT_GOT_IP6 event

@brief Event structure for IP_EVENT_GOT_IP event

@brief LEDC callback parameter

@brief Group of supported LEDC callbacks @note The callbacks are all running under ISR environment

@brief Configuration parameters of LEDC channel for ledc_channel_config function

@brief Configuration parameters of LEDC Timer timer for ledc_timer_config function

Container for ASN1 bit strings.

Type-length-value structure that allows for ASN1 using DER.

Container for a sequence or list of ‘named’ ASN.1 data items

Container for a sequence of ASN.1 items

Generic cipher context.

Cipher information. Allows calling cipher functions in a generic way.

\brief The CTR_DRBG context structure.

\brief The DHM context structure.

\warning Performing multiple operations concurrently on the same ECDSA context is not supported; objects of this type should not be shared between multiple threads. \brief The ECDH context structure.

Curve information, for use by other modules.

\brief The ECP group structure.

\brief The ECP key-pair structure.

\brief The ECP point structure, in Jacobian coordinates.

\brief Entropy context structure

\brief Entropy source state

The generic message-digest context.

\brief MPI structure

Wrapper type for sockets.

\brief Public key container

\brief Item to send to the debug module

\brief Options for RSASSA-PSS signature verification. See \c mbedtls_rsa_rsassa_pss_verify_ext()

\brief The platform context structure.

\brief The RSA context structure.

\brief The SHA-512 context structure.

\brief This structure is used for storing ciphersuite information

SSL/TLS configuration to be shared between mbedtls_ssl_context structures.

Certificate revocation list structure. Every CRL may have multiple entries.

Certificate revocation list entry. Contains the CA-specific serial numbers and revocation dates.

Container for an X.509 certificate. The certificate may be chained.

Security profile for certificate verification.

Verification chain as built by \c mbedtls_crt_verify_chain()

Item in a verification chain: cert and flags for it

From RFC 5280 section OtherName ::= SEQUENCE { type-id OBJECT IDENTIFIER, value [0] EXPLICIT ANY DEFINED BY type-id }

From RFC 4108 section 5: HardwareModuleName ::= SEQUENCE { hwType OBJECT IDENTIFIER, hwSerialNum OCTET STRING }

A structure for holding the parsed Subject Alternative Name, according to type

Container for date and time (precision in seconds).

Container for writing a certificate (CRT)

@brief mDNS query linked list IP item

@brief mDNS query result structure

@brief mDNS basic text item structure Used in mdns_service_add()

Memory pool descriptor

@brief Mesh softAP configuration

@brief Mesh networking IE


@brief Mesh initialization configuration

@brief The crypto callback function structure used in mesh vendor IE encryption. The structure can be set as software crypto or the crypto optimized by ESP32 hardware.

@brief Mesh data for esp_mesh_send() and esp_mesh_recv()

@brief Channel switch information

@brief Parent connected information

@brief find a mesh network that this device can join

@brief Layer change information

@brief Network state information

@brief No parent found information

@brief PS duty information

@brief Other powerful root address

@brief Root fixed

@brief Root switch request information

@brief Routing table change

@brief Scan done event information

@brief vote started information

@brief Mesh option

@brief Router configuration

@brief The number of packets available in the queue waiting to be received by applications

@brief The number of packets pending in the queue waiting to be sent by the mesh stack

@brief Vote

@brief Structure to access heap metadata via multi_heap_get_info

@brief This structure maps handler required by protocomm layer to UUIDs which are used to uniquely identify BLE characteristics from a smartphone or a similar client device.

Generic data structure used for all lwIP network interfaces. The following fields should be filled in by the initialization function for the device driver: hwaddr_len, hwaddr[], mtu, flags



Args to LWIP_NSC_IPV6_SET callback

Args to LWIP_NSC_LINK_CHANGED callback


@brief information about entry obtained from nvs_entry_info function

@brief Key for encryption and decryption

@note Info about storage space NVS.

Main packet buffer struct

A custom pbuf: like a pbuf, but following a function pointer to free it.

Helper struct for const-correctness only. The only meaning of this one is to provide a const payload pointer for PBUF_ROM type.

@brief Spinlock object Owner:

@brief Config parameters for protocomm BLE service

@brief Config parameters for protocomm HTTP server

@brief Config parameters for protocomm HTTP server

@brief Protocomm security object structure.

@brief Proof Of Possession for authenticating a secure session

@brief ESP-TLS preshared key and hint structure

@brief Data struct of RMT channel status

@brief Data struct of RMT configure parameters

@brief Data struct of RMT RX configure parameters

@brief Data struct of RMT TX configure parameters

@brief Structure encapsulating a RMT TX end callback

Initialization parameters for rtc_clk_init

RTC power and clock control initialization settings

@brief CPU clock configuration structure

@brief sleep configuration for rtc_sleep_init function

@brief Power down flags for rtc_sleep_pd function

Structure describing vddsdio configuration

SD/MMC card information structure

Decoded values from SD card Card IDentification register

SD/MMC command information

Decoded values from SD card Card Specific Data register

Decoded values of Extended Card Specific Data

SD/MMC Host description

Decoded values from SD Configuration Register

SD SWITCH_FUNC response buffer

Extra configuration for SD SPI device.

Extra configuration for SPI host.

@brief Sigma-delta configure struct

Argument structure for SC_EVENT_GOT_SSID_PSWD event

Configure structure for esp_smartconfig_start

@brief This is a configuration structure for a SPI bus.

@brief This is a configuration for a SPI slave device that is connected to one of the SPI buses.

Structure for flash encryption operations.

Structure holding SPI flash access critical sections management functions.

Host driver configuration and context structure.

SPI Flash Host driver instance

Configuration structure for the flash chip suspend feature.

Definition of a common transaction. Also holds the return value.

@brief Line mode of SPI transaction phases: CMD, ADDR, DOUT/DIN.

@brief This is a configuration for a SPI host acting as a slave device.

This structure describes one SPI transaction

This struct is for SPI transactions which may change their address and command length. Please do set the flags in base to SPI_TRANS_VARIABLE_CMD_ADR to use the bit length here.

This structure describes one SPI transaction. The descriptor should not be modified until the transaction finishes.

Event, as a tagged enum

@brief legacy ip_info type

@brief Data structure with timer’s configuration settings

@brief Keep alive parameters structure

Touch sensor filter configuration

Touch sensor denoise configuration

Touch sensor channel sleep configuration

Touch sensor waterproof configuration

@brief Structure for acceptance filter configuration of the TWAI driver (see documentation)

@brief Structure for general configuration of the TWAI driver

@brief Structure to store a TWAI message

@brief Structure to store status information of TWAI driver

@brief Structure for bit timing configuration of the TWAI driver

@brief UART AT cmd char configuration parameters Note that this function may different on different chip. Please refer to the TRM at confirguration.

@brief UART configuration parameters for uart_param_config function

@brief Event structure used in UART event queue

@brief UART interrupt configuration parameters for uart_intr_config function

@brief UART software flow control configuration parameters

@brief Vendor Information Element header

@brief Action Frame Tx Request

@brief Range of active scan times per channel

@brief WiFi antenna configuration

@brief WiFi GPIOs configuration for antenna selection

@brief WiFi GPIO configuration for antenna selection

@brief Soft-AP configuration settings for the ESP32

@brief Description of a WiFi AP

@brief Structure describing WiFi country-based regional restrictions.

@brief Channel state information(CSI) configuration type

@brief CSI data type

Argument structure for WIFI_EVENT_ACTION_TX_STATUS event

Argument structure for WIFI_EVENT_AP_PROBEREQRECVED event

Argument structure for WIFI_EVENT_AP_STACONNECTED event

Argument structure for WIFI_EVENT_AP_STADISCONNECTED event

Argument structure for WIFI_EVENT_STA_BSS_RSSI_LOW event

Argument structure for WIFI_EVENT_FTM_REPORT event

Argument structure for WIFI_EVENT_ROC_DONE event

Argument structure for WIFI_EVENT_STA_AUTHMODE_CHANGE event

Argument structure for WIFI_EVENT_STA_CONNECTED event

Argument structure for WIFI_EVENT_STA_DISCONNECTED event

Argument structure for WIFI_EVENT_SCAN_DONE event

Argument structure for WIFI_EVENT_STA_WPS_ER_PIN event

Argument structure for WIFI_EVENT_STA_WPS_ER_SUCCESS event

@brief FTM Initiator configuration

Argument structure for

@brief Configuration for STA’s HT2040 coexist management

@brief WiFi stack configuration parameters passed to esp_wifi_init call.

@brief Configuration for WiFi ioctl

@brief Received packet radio metadata header, this is the common header at the beginning of all promiscuous mode RX callback buffers

Configuration structure for Protected Management Frame

@brief Mask for filtering different packet types in promiscuous mode.

@brief Payload passed to ‘buf’ parameter of promiscuous mode RX callback.

@brief WiFi status data to be sent in response to get_status request from master

@brief Internal handlers for receiving and responding to protocomm requests from master

@brief WiFi config data received by slave during set_config request from master

@brief Event handler that is used by the manager while provisioning service is active

@brief Structure for specifying the manager configuration

@brief Structure for specifying the provisioning scheme to be followed by the manager

@brief WiFi STA connected status information

@brief Parameters for an SSID scan.

@brief Structure describing parameters for a WiFi fast scan

@brief Aggregate of active & passive scan time per channel

@brief STA configuration settings for the ESP32

@brief Description of STA associated with AP

@brief List of stations associated with the ESP32 Soft-AP

@brief The crypto callback function structure used when do station security connect. The structure can be set as software crypto or the crypto optimized by ESP32 hardware.

Defines the memory ranges allocated to the task when an MPU is used.

@cond !DOC_EXCLUDE_HEADER_SECTION / /* Used internally only.


< Chip did not respond to the command, or timed out.

< The chip doesn’t have enough space for the current partition table

< return failed in ets

< return successful in ets