pub struct wifi_sta_config_t {
Show 13 fields pub ssid: [u8; 32], pub password: [u8; 64], pub scan_method: wifi_scan_method_t, pub bssid_set: bool, pub bssid: [u8; 6], pub channel: u8, pub listen_interval: u16, pub sort_method: wifi_sort_method_t, pub threshold: wifi_scan_threshold_t, pub pmf_cfg: wifi_pmf_config_t, pub _bitfield_align_1: [u32; 0], pub _bitfield_1: __BindgenBitfieldUnit<[u8; 4]>, pub sae_pwe_h2e: wifi_sae_pwe_method_t,
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@brief STA configuration settings for the ESP32


ssid: [u8; 32]

< SSID of target AP.

password: [u8; 64]

< Password of target AP.

scan_method: wifi_scan_method_t

< do all channel scan or fast scan

bssid_set: bool

< whether set MAC address of target AP or not. Generally, station_config.bssid_set needs to be 0; and it needs to be 1 only when users need to check the MAC address of the AP.

bssid: [u8; 6]

< MAC address of target AP

channel: u8

< channel of target AP. Set to 1~13 to scan starting from the specified channel before connecting to AP. If the channel of AP is unknown, set it to 0.

listen_interval: u16

< Listen interval for ESP32 station to receive beacon when WIFI_PS_MAX_MODEM is set. Units: AP beacon intervals. Defaults to 3 if set to 0.

sort_method: wifi_sort_method_t

< sort the connect AP in the list by rssi or security mode

threshold: wifi_scan_threshold_t

< When sort_method is set, only APs which have an auth mode that is more secure than the selected auth mode and a signal stronger than the minimum RSSI will be used.

pmf_cfg: wifi_pmf_config_t

< Configuration for Protected Management Frame. Will be advertized in RSN Capabilities in RSN IE.

_bitfield_align_1: [u32; 0]_bitfield_1: __BindgenBitfieldUnit<[u8; 4]>sae_pwe_h2e: wifi_sae_pwe_method_t

< Whether SAE hash to element is enabled


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