pub struct wifi_init_config_t {
Show 22 fields pub event_handler: system_event_handler_t, pub osi_funcs: *mut wifi_osi_funcs_t, pub wpa_crypto_funcs: wpa_crypto_funcs_t, pub static_rx_buf_num: c_int, pub dynamic_rx_buf_num: c_int, pub tx_buf_type: c_int, pub static_tx_buf_num: c_int, pub dynamic_tx_buf_num: c_int, pub cache_tx_buf_num: c_int, pub csi_enable: c_int, pub ampdu_rx_enable: c_int, pub ampdu_tx_enable: c_int, pub amsdu_tx_enable: c_int, pub nvs_enable: c_int, pub nano_enable: c_int, pub rx_ba_win: c_int, pub wifi_task_core_id: c_int, pub beacon_max_len: c_int, pub mgmt_sbuf_num: c_int, pub feature_caps: u64, pub sta_disconnected_pm: bool, pub magic: c_int,
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@brief WiFi stack configuration parameters passed to esp_wifi_init call.


event_handler: system_event_handler_t

< WiFi event handler

osi_funcs: *mut wifi_osi_funcs_t

< WiFi OS functions

wpa_crypto_funcs: wpa_crypto_funcs_t

< WiFi station crypto functions when connect

static_rx_buf_num: c_int

< WiFi static RX buffer number

dynamic_rx_buf_num: c_int

< WiFi dynamic RX buffer number

tx_buf_type: c_int

< WiFi TX buffer type

static_tx_buf_num: c_int

< WiFi static TX buffer number

dynamic_tx_buf_num: c_int

< WiFi dynamic TX buffer number

cache_tx_buf_num: c_int

< WiFi TX cache buffer number

csi_enable: c_int

< WiFi channel state information enable flag

ampdu_rx_enable: c_int

< WiFi AMPDU RX feature enable flag

ampdu_tx_enable: c_int

< WiFi AMPDU TX feature enable flag

amsdu_tx_enable: c_int

< WiFi AMSDU TX feature enable flag

nvs_enable: c_int

< WiFi NVS flash enable flag

nano_enable: c_int

< Nano option for printf/scan family enable flag

rx_ba_win: c_int

< WiFi Block Ack RX window size

wifi_task_core_id: c_int

< WiFi Task Core ID

beacon_max_len: c_int

< WiFi softAP maximum length of the beacon

mgmt_sbuf_num: c_int

< WiFi management short buffer number, the minimum value is 6, the maximum value is 32

feature_caps: u64

< Enables additional WiFi features and capabilities

sta_disconnected_pm: bool

< WiFi Power Management for station at disconnected status

magic: c_int

< WiFi init magic number, it should be the last field

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