pub struct wpa_crypto_funcs_t {
Show 27 fields pub size: u32, pub version: u32, pub aes_wrap: esp_aes_wrap_t, pub aes_unwrap: esp_aes_unwrap_t, pub hmac_sha256_vector: esp_hmac_sha256_vector_t, pub sha256_prf: esp_sha256_prf_t, pub hmac_md5: esp_hmac_md5_t, pub hamc_md5_vector: esp_hmac_md5_vector_t, pub hmac_sha1: esp_hmac_sha1_t, pub hmac_sha1_vector: esp_hmac_sha1_vector_t, pub sha1_prf: esp_sha1_prf_t, pub sha1_vector: esp_sha1_vector_t, pub pbkdf2_sha1: esp_pbkdf2_sha1_t, pub rc4_skip: esp_rc4_skip_t, pub md5_vector: esp_md5_vector_t, pub aes_encrypt: esp_aes_encrypt_t, pub aes_encrypt_init: esp_aes_encrypt_init_t, pub aes_encrypt_deinit: esp_aes_encrypt_deinit_t, pub aes_decrypt: esp_aes_decrypt_t, pub aes_decrypt_init: esp_aes_decrypt_init_t, pub aes_decrypt_deinit: esp_aes_decrypt_deinit_t, pub aes_128_encrypt: esp_aes_128_encrypt_t, pub aes_128_decrypt: esp_aes_128_decrypt_t, pub omac1_aes_128: esp_omac1_aes_128_t, pub ccmp_decrypt: esp_ccmp_decrypt_t, pub ccmp_encrypt: esp_ccmp_encrypt_t, pub aes_gmac: esp_aes_gmac_t,
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@brief The crypto callback function structure used when do station security connect. The structure can be set as software crypto or the crypto optimized by ESP32 hardware.


size: u32version: u32aes_wrap: esp_aes_wrap_t

< station connect function used when send EAPOL frame

aes_unwrap: esp_aes_unwrap_t

< station connect function used when decrypt key data

hmac_sha256_vector: esp_hmac_sha256_vector_t

< station connect function used when check MIC

sha256_prf: esp_sha256_prf_t

< station connect function used when check MIC

hmac_md5: esp_hmac_md5_thamc_md5_vector: esp_hmac_md5_vector_thmac_sha1: esp_hmac_sha1_thmac_sha1_vector: esp_hmac_sha1_vector_tsha1_prf: esp_sha1_prf_tsha1_vector: esp_sha1_vector_tpbkdf2_sha1: esp_pbkdf2_sha1_trc4_skip: esp_rc4_skip_tmd5_vector: esp_md5_vector_taes_encrypt: esp_aes_encrypt_taes_encrypt_init: esp_aes_encrypt_init_taes_encrypt_deinit: esp_aes_encrypt_deinit_taes_decrypt: esp_aes_decrypt_taes_decrypt_init: esp_aes_decrypt_init_taes_decrypt_deinit: esp_aes_decrypt_deinit_taes_128_encrypt: esp_aes_128_encrypt_taes_128_decrypt: esp_aes_128_decrypt_tomac1_aes_128: esp_omac1_aes_128_tccmp_decrypt: esp_ccmp_decrypt_tccmp_encrypt: esp_ccmp_encrypt_taes_gmac: esp_aes_gmac_t

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